Short FICTION 4 is now available to order. This special issue, dedicated to the long story, features new work by Marina Warner and Francis King, as well as novellas by Richard Lea and Raha Namy. As ever, our visual literary journal leads into stories with illustrations, whilst celebrated painter of Cornwall, Gill Watkiss, provides our cover, motifs throughout, and shows new work in a full-colour 16 page feature.


Louis Malloy, 'The Goldrush'

This accomplished piece about the hunt for invisible wealth beyond reach of all but hope and timing is distinguished at once by the skill with which – on so many levels – the author renders invisibility in the telling itself. Pared down to the hunger of desperate characters, the revelation is that of a robber preying on the seekers of wealth: a timeless journey of search and disappointment. The author allows the story itself to dictate what doesn’t need telling, details that some writers might well be tempted to render for the sake of a perceived need for verisimilitude. The great achievement here lies indeed in how those details are left hidden, as meaningless as they would be to the eyes and ears of bone-weary prospectors. In fact the pace of the story barely keeps one foot in front of the other; yet the reader is content not to want to hurry things along. The alchemy this writer brings to the page transmutes all that is concealed into a brutal gleam in the mind.

Gerard Donovan


Leo Madigan, 'The Kambala Buffaloes', Catharine Mee, 'The End of the World', Catharine Mee, Nuala Ni Chonchuir, 'Where the Hearse Goes by', Madeline Sonik, 'Punctures'

Short FICTION's 5th Annual Short Story Competition Longlist:

‘Punctures’ by Madeline Sonik

‘The End of the World’ by Catharine Mee

‘Gulls’ by Andrea Ashworth

‘Theatrics’ by Wes Lee

‘Postman’s Knock’ by Angela Sherlock

‘The Goldrush’, by Louis Malloy

‘Squintar’ by Annemarie Neary

‘An Intimately Moral Universe’ by Helen Banner

‘Butter’ by Adnan Mahmutovic

‘When the Hearse Goes By’ by Nuala Ni Chonchuir

‘Shadowboxes’ by Vanessa Blakeslee

‘The Quiet Stars’ by John Saul

‘Old Roffe’ by Nigel Jarrett

‘The Kambala Buffaloes’ and 'The Siberian Swimmer' by Leo Madigan

General Submissions

Due to a hefty backlog, our general reading period for the next issue has been shortened: 1 September - 31 December 2010 (for work to be published in November 2011).

Please submit only one story at a time. If you want to know what kind of fiction we like, please order a back issue, which is another way of saying, we like stories with narrative drive and dynamic tension. Novel chapters which function as self-contained units may additionally work well for us. We receive over 600 stories in a reading cycle, so we not only invite but expect simultaneous submissions (we do ask, however, that you notify us immediately if a work has been accepted elsewhere).

Like many other magazines, due to time commitments and a small staff, we are reinstating our policy of only responding to those writers whose work we are accepting. We aim to read and turnover all submissions within a 4 month period. If you have not heard from us by February 2011 (at the latest) please assume we can't use your work. Finally, we are no longer accepting postal submissions.

To make a general submission please email: submissions

Anthony Caleshu


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Short FICTION Issue 4
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